Hello please be patient while we re-organise how we work on the farm. We will be obeying social distancing advice from the government. Our operators will  only work in one machine when delivering and we have a dedicated operator and vehicle loading vehicles in the home yard.



I have asked my workers to avoid handling the bales as the virus can be on clothing and be transmitted to you via objects. Equally when our workers visit your yards they will be touching gates that you touch and so they no are instructed to fully disinfect anything they have touched after leaving your yard. As such I do not expect my men to move bales for you into stables and would ask that we tip in the most convenient place for you as possible and as close to the gate as possible.


I am sure you all understand that we are keen to keep safe and keep your horses fed


If you have chosen the cash option of paying, can you please put the money in a plastic bad and label it with your name and the amount. We will put it in a Tupperware to avoid our delivery drivers handling it. I hope you understand. Otherwise please pay online where you can. 


Many thanks From all of us at Horsley Haylage